Special of the Day 🍲

Bean Soup - Fasolada (VV)
It's a tasty soul-soothing bean, carrots and celery soup
£ 8.00
Imam (VV)
Stuffed aubergines with caramelized onions. (Vegetarian)
£ 11.00
Chicken Giouvetsi
Youvetsi is a delicious, comforting dish full of warmth and emotion. Whether meat or chicken, it is enveloped ...
£ 13.00
Lentil Soup - Fakes (VV)
Lentils, onions, garlic, bay leaves, olive oil, and red wine vinegar are all you really need to create a heart...
£ 8.00
Peas - Arakas (VV)
A delicious traditional meal, peas with potatoes, carrots and lots of herbs.
£ 8.00

Souvlaki 🌯🍢
A well-known Greek 🇬🇷 dish made with chunks of meat grilled on a skewer 🍢. Have it as a skewer or wrapped in a pita.

Pita Wrap 🌯
Get a whole meal all wrapped up with our Greek pita wraps 🌯. Choose the base (meat skewers, gyros, halloumi...
£ 5.50
Skewers Platter
Our delicious skewers or kebab. Homemade souvlaki is taken from the best part of the meat to create the perfec...
£ 10.00
Gyros Platter
Traditional Greek Juicy Pork or Chicken Gyros. Generous portion served with refreshing tzatziki sauce, pita br...
£ 13.00
Greek pita resembles very much the Arabic flatbread, but unlike them, our pita breads are slightly thicker. Th...
£ 1.00

Offers % - Meal Deals 🌮

Starter Combo 😋
Can’t make up your mind on our starters? Indulge in our Greek Starter Combo. You can choose 4 of a great sel...
£ 11.50
Get one of our favourite traditional Greek 🇬🇷 cuisine dishes together with side salad 🥗 and a soft dr...
£ 15.00
Double Souvlaki Pita Wrap Offer 🌯🌯
Buy 2 and Save! Get a whole meal all wrapped up with our Greek pita wraps 🌯. Choose the base (meat skewers,...
£ 10.50
Meal Deal for One 🍽
Get a full Greek meal for one person. Our delicious Pita Souvlaki Wrap 🌯 that can be customised to your pre...
£ 13.50
Meal Deal For 2 👫
Get a full Greek meal for two 👫. 2 x delicious Pita Souvlaki Wrap 🌯 that can be individually customised ...
£ 24.00
Family Meal Deal For 4 👫
Get a full Greek meal for four 👫. 4 x delicious Pita Souvlaki Wrap 🌯 that can be individually customised...
£ 45.00
Vegetarian Set Menu for 2 People 🥗🍅🍆
Feeling hungry? Spoil yourself with best Vegetarian Dishes our Greek Cuisine has to offer. You will love this ...
£ 44.00
Set Menu for 2+ People 🍗🥗🧆
Feeling hungry? Give our best selling grill items a try. You will love this Set Menu! 😋 This generous porti...
£ 60.00

From Our Grill 🍢
Our famous Grill options. Grilled to perfection!

Grilled Chicken
Juicy and flavorful grilled chicken served with your choice of dressing and side.
£ 8.00
Grilled tender pork or chicken fillets topped with an oregano and lemon sauce. Served with fries.
£ 13.00
Lamb Cutlets
Tender lamb cutlets grilled to perfection and served with fries.
£ 16.00
Sirloin Steak
350gr Juicy Sirloin Steak! One of the most premium items of our menu. Dry aged mature for 18 days, then grille...
£ 24.50
Village Sausages
Two large grilled sausages from Thrace served with mustard or lemon dressing. Served with fries.
£ 9.50
Ribeye Steak
350gr Juicy Rib-Eye Steak! One of the most premium items of our menu. Dry aged mature for 18 days, then grille...
£ 24.50

Made from fresh Greek 🇬🇷Vegetables.

Greek Salad (V)
Greek feta, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, olives & olive oil. (Vegetarian)
£ 8.50
Side Salad (V)
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion
£ 4.00
Cretan Dakos Salad (V)
Cretan rusk soaked in Greek extra virgin olive oil, topped with chopped tomato, feta cheese, olives, spring on...
£ 8.50
Its All Greek To Me Salad
Baby kale, tender baby leaves and a mix of strong and crunchy radicchio, lamb’s lettuce and crisp frisee, po...
£ 9.50
Our Caesar Salad
Green salad mixed with grilled Chicken Fillet, Cherry Tomatoes, Caesar Sauce & Grated Parmesan.
£ 10.00
Halloumi Salad
Halloumi salad with cocktail tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, mix lettuce, cucumber, spring onions and a yogu...
£ 9.50

Cold Starters

Tzatziki (V)
Authentic Greek yoghurt, blended with mint, garlic, dill & other herbs. The Greek’s favourite dip, served wi...
£ 4.00
Tyrokafteri (V)
Handmade dip from Greek feta cheese, mild pepper & spices, served with pitta bread. (Gluten Free)
£ 5.00
Hummus (VV)
Pureed chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic drizzled with extra virgin olive oil served with pita bread
£ 4.00
Marinated Kalamata Giant Olives (VV)
The Kalamata olive is a large, black olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of Kalamata in th...
£ 3.80
White Taramosalata
Rich, creamy, made fresh with cod roe, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Served with pitta bread.
£ 4.00
Feta Cheese with Olive Oil & Oregano (GF)
Greek feta in extra virgin olive oil, dusted with oregano. (Gluten Free)
£ 5.00

Hot Starters

Grilled Halloumi (V)
The favourite Cypriot cheese served with lemon slices & fresh mint.
£ 5.00
Fries (VV)
Crunchy fries dusted with coarse salt & oregano.
£ 4.00
Baked Feta Cheese With Honey and Sesame (V)
Feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry with honey and sesame.
£ 6.00
Gigantes Starter (VV)
A classic Greek recipe, consisting of giant beans baked in a tomato sauce along with plenty of fresh herbs. (V...
£ 4.00
Fava Starter (VV)
Authentic Santorini Island yellow split pea puree. Served with capers and a variety of mixed onions. (Vegan)
£ 4.00

Traditional Greek 🇬🇷Cuisine
With dishes like Moussaka, Pastitsio and Kleftiko, traditional Greek Cuisine is one of the best in the world 🌍. All our dishes 🍽 are made in house and taste like Greece 🇬🇷!

If you love Moussaka then you will love Papoutsakia even more. (Greek stuffed eggplant) is a Greek dish which ...
£ 14.00
Baked potatoes, aubergines, 100% beef mince in red sauce all layered & topped with a rich béchamel sauce, the...
£ 14.00
A Greek baked pasta dish with ground meat and béchamel sauce.
£ 13.00
Lamb Giouvetsi
Youvetsi is a delicious, comforting dish full of warmth and emotion. Whether meat or chicken, it is enveloped ...
£ 16.00
Marinated lamb slow baked on the bone. Served with oregano roasted potatoes.
£ 16.00
Grandma’s Meatballs
Traditional beef meatballs oven cooked in a rich tomato sauce served with fries just like our yiayia used to m...
£ 12.00
Juicy chicken or pork cubes and mild spicy sausages. Takes it’s name by the pan that is cooked in.
£ 12.00

Traditional Greek 🇬🇷Cuisine - Vegetarian
Try our Vegetarian versions of Moussaka and Pastitsio or the other Vegetarian selections our Greek Cuisine has to offer.

Vegetarian Papoutsakia
Greek baked stuffed eggplants, very similar to Moussaka but can be enjoyed by Vegetarians. It includes peppers...
£ 11.00
Vegetarian Moussaka (V)
Baked potatoes, aubergines, mushrooms in red sauce all layered & topped with a rich béchamel sauce, then gril...
£ 11.00
Gemista (V)
A lovely summer dish, tomatoes & peppers stuffed with rice, a mixture of fresh herbs & tomato hearts... enjoy!
£ 12.00
Spanakorizo (VV)
Greek vegetarian dish of spinach, rice and herbs.
£ 9.00
Fava (VV)
Authentic Santorini island yellow split-pea puree served with capers and a variety of mixed onions. (Vegan)
£ 7.00
Gigantes Main (VV)
A classic Greek recipe, consisting of 'giant' beans baked in a tomato sauce along with plenty of fresh herbs. ...
£ 7.00
Dolmadakia Gialantzi (VV)
Stuffed Grape Vine Leaves. An extremely popular, delicious, traditional Greek dish.
£ 8.00


Spinach Pie (V)
Homemade Spanakopita, a delicious savory Greek pie made of perfectly crispy layers of phyllo dough and a comfo...
£ 5.00
Cheese Pie (V)
Homemade pastry with feta cheese & mint. From a pan.
£ 5.00
Individual Cheese Pie
An individual piece of yummy cheese pie with feta cheese.
£ 5.00
Butter Pie with Ham & Sauce
£ 5.00
Butter Pie with Ham & Sauce with Sesame
Zabonotyropita with Sesame
£ 5.00
Philadelphia Roll
The Best Philadelphia Cream Cheese Pie with sesame
£ 5.00
Sausage Pie
Sausage pie or loukanikopita with mustard
£ 5.00


Chicken Soup
Greek chicken soup is a comforting dish that is made with a flavorful chicken broth, tender chicken cuts, vari...
£ 10.00


Blackberry Cheesecake
Ultra fresh and vibrant blackberry cheesecake with crunchy and “buttery” crust and super creamy filling.
£ 8.00
Kok Cream Puffs
Greek cream puffs with a fabulously rich pastry cream filling and decadent chocolate glaze.
£ 6.00
A creamy dessert of espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich masca...
£ 8.00
Ferrero Rocher Pastry
For the Ferrero Rocher lovers.
£ 8.00
An all-time Greek favorite dessert, Galaktoboureko is a semolina based creamy custard pie baked with flaky phy...
£ 6.00
Chocolate pie with our secret recipe and the best ingredients!
£ 5.00
Our baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry. It is made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts, such as wa...
£ 6.00
Ekmek kantaifi is traditional “kantaifi” with a lot of chopped nuts, handmade fresh butter with syrup, cov...
£ 6.00
Orange Cake
A traditional Greek orange & phyllo cake, called portokalopita, is a sweetly delicious celebration of orange s...
£ 7.00
Greek Bougatsa recipe (Custard Pie with Phyllo and ground Cinnamon) Golden and creamy perfection! Is a traditi...
£ 5.00
Greek Yogurt
Our yogurt is prepared in-house using our fresh Greek yogurt, so it’s rich in protein and probiotics, and lo...
£ 4.00
Small donut balls, traditionally drenched in honey or nutella. Always made fresh to order.
£ 3.50

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola
A sweetened carbonated beverage.
£ 2.00
Coca Cola Diet
A sugar-free and no-calorie soft drink.
£ 2.00
Coca Cola Zero
Coca-Cola zero sugar is a new and improved sugar free cola, that looks and tastes even more like Coca-Cola ori...
£ 2.00
Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting lemon and lime flavored soft drink.
£ 2.00
Loux Orange
Natural juice from 100% Greek oranges, high-quality water source from the spring of Kefalovryso, and a balance...
£ 2.00
Loux Lemon
A fresh, cool, refreshing drink with unique sweet & sour flavor and intense aroma, in combination with water f...
£ 2.00
Gently Sparkling Apple Juice
£ 2.00
Zagori 500ml Natural Mineral Still Water
The water's origins from the virgin area of Zagorochoria guaranteed the ideal combination of premium quality w...
£ 1.50
Zagori 330ml Natural Sparkling Water
The pure, delicate taste and refined bubbles of ZAGORI Sparkling make it a unique experience.
£ 2.00
Perrier Sparkling Water 330ml
Healthy alternative to carbonated soft drinks. 100% natural with zero calories. Characterised by its big bubbl...
£ 2.00


187ml Kokotos - Roditis Savatiano - White
Bright lemony colour, with green highlights. Intense floral profile on the nose, aromas of citrus fruits and g...
£ 7.50
Rouvalis - Asprolithi Roditis - White
A delightfully fresh, white wine with excellent mouth feel that tantalizes the nose and palate with fruity aro...
£ 23.00
Domaine Spiropoulos - Moschofilero - White
White Wine. The complex Moschofilero grape calls attention to its elegant and more distinctive dimensions in D...
£ 30.00
Alpha Estate - Malagouzia - White
White Wine 2018. A richly textured wine with superb length and balance. A classy wine with long finish and per...
£ 34.00
Mylonas - Malagousia Mandilaria - Rose
Rose Wine. 80% Malagousia and 20% red Mandilaria, from four vineyards at an altitude of 200-300m in Attica. Sc...
£ 33.00
187ml Kokotos - Three Hills - Red
Intense red colour. Pleasant fruity character with a bouquet of red fruit with floral notes. Well balanced in ...
£ 7.50
Kokotos - Three Hills - Red
Intense red colour. Pleasant fruity character with a bouquet of red fruit with floral notes. Well balanced in ...
£ 24.00
Tsantalis - Kanenas Syrah - Red
Deep ruby red color. Rich aromatic bouquet of wild berries, ripe dark cherries and spicy notes. The nose is in...
£ 30.00
Alpha Estate - Xinomavro Hedgehog - Red
Bright purple-red color. Complex, typical bouquet of small berries red fruits, leather and spices (vanilla, pe...
£ 40.00


Beer. Our Must Try Hot Seller
£ 4.00
Beer. Premium Greek Beer
£ 4.00
Apostolakis - Tsipouro Bottle
£ 19.00
Tetteris - Ouzo Bottle No7
A distillate of meticulously selected anise seeds from Chios Island, the homeland of ouzo, Ouzo 7 has a light ...
£ 19.00

Our Bakaliko

Traditional Baklava Walnut
Classic baklava triangles filled with walnut, in light syrup. Hand Made. Ready to Serve.
£ 12.50
Hand Made Halva
Handmade Halva Verias Kandylas, produced from 2 ingredients, high quality tahini (100% sesame seed spread) and...
£ 4.80
Meli - Honey
Topos wild thyme and herb honey is produced in Mani at the Peloponnese region of Greece. It's raw, flavorful a...
£ 15.00
Sweet Preserve
Glyko tou koutaliou. This traditional spoon sweet was popular in Greece during times when refrigeration was ra...
£ 9.50
A crunchy and fresh chocolate waffle with rich cocoa cream filling, wrapped around rich ION chocolate. Its uni...
£ 0.00
Crisp wafer and gentle filling that melts in the mouth and unleashes the senses
£ 0.00
Ion Galaktos
The Galaktos chocolate (milk chocolate) is particularly enjoyed by younger consumers and children, maintaining...
£ 0.00
Ion Amygdalou
ION Amigdalou is a quality milk chocolate with almonds.
£ 0.00
Papadopoulos Biscotello
£ 2.90
Tradition mini barley rusk rolls or, Paksimadi, the double-baked bread of Crete, rich in beneficial ingredient...
£ 5.50
Ideal Kalamata Olives
Firm, delightfully rich with a smooth meaty and pungent taste, IDEAL Kalamata Olives have no artificial flavor...
£ 3.50
Olive Oil
From the Sparta valleys, in the heart of the Peloponnese, an extra virgin olive oil ideal for all the recipes ...
£ 7.50
Pasta from fine Greek wheat with golden color and authentic taste.
£ 1.80
Barley (Kritharaki)
Orzo is a pasta made in the shape of a grain of rice. This pasta is very versatile, and can be used in a range...
£ 1.80